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Big News! TDG has become

Canada’s newest fundraising consultancy

ViTrēo is a consultancy that brings together three of our country’s most experienced, credible, and ethical fundraising firms into one company: The Development Group, Nine Lions Development Consulting, and Crescendo Fundraising Inc.

Please join us in in welcoming ViTrēo (Vi-Trey-OH) as one of Canada’s leading fundraising consultancies.

Over the last 15 years, The Development Group has built a reputation for delivering projects that are focused on what our clients truly need for long term sustainability; as a firm that consistently exceeds client expectations and, as a firm that delivers outstanding client service. We are proud of who we are. We are proud of who we have become. Most importantly, we are proud to have been entrusted by our community to support and coach our most important non-profit organizations and their leaders. Thank you for your trust and support of TDG. We look forward to continuing to work with you, your teams, and your leadership as we embark on our new adventure with ViTrēo.

Rest assured, ViTrēo will continue to offer you the same great expertise, advice, and counsel that we were known for at TDG. All of our consultants and team members who you have come to know and trust remain and will continue in their roles within the enlarged enterprise of ViTrēo. If you are working with one of our TDG consultants today, that is not going to change.

What is going to change is that we are now offering our existing and future clients significantly expanded offerings, a wider range of experiences and expertise, a significantly enlarged roster of consultants and associates, and unparalleled access to counsel and advice from three of Canada’s fundraising leaders.

To learn more about our team and to explore our expanding offerings, please visit our brand spanking new website at

In today’s world, we appreciate the efficiency and reach of our web presences. It is one of the most expedient methods to tell those who matter to us about what we are up to but…it’s not everything. If we have not spoken in person about the awesomeness that ViTrēo can and will bring to you, your organization, and our community, we would love the chance to do just that. Please call Andrea at 403 210 3157 or e-mail her at to set up a time for us to meet.

On behalf of the three ViTrēo partners, we thank you for taking the time to join with us in our exciting news and we look forward to working with you as, together, we transform fundraising.

If social media is your thing, you can follow us on Twitter at @vitreogroup, like us on Facebook at and connect with us on LinkedIn at [] (

Andrea McManus, CFRE - Partner

Scott Decksheimer, CFRE - Partner

Vincent Duckworth, CFRE - Partner

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